About e-Statements

Go Paperless with eStatement Access, your electronic document portal!
As a Kentucky Farmers Bank customer, we are encouraging you to choose to receive your bank statement online through Kentucky Farmers Bank Online Banking instead of by mail as a paper document. Signing up for eStatement Access is quick and easy. This service is for those customers who prefer to view their statement electronically. By signing up for eStatement Access, you will NOT receive any further paper statements or check images by mail. You will access your statement through Kentucky Farmers Bank Online Banking. Your electronic documents will be available as PDF files, allowing you to easily view, print or save your statement on your computer. To download, view and print your eStatement, you must have a PDF reader, such asAdobe® Acrobat® Reader®, installed on your computer.

When your eStatement is available you will receive an email notification, no account information will be in the email, and the account will be identified by its account type such as Club Checking or Savings Account. The email will go to your primary email address, which you can update on the eStatements preferences screen. To view your eStatement select your account and statement period for the statement you would like to view.

Sign-Up for eStatement Access
To register for Kentucky Farmers Bank eStatement Access or to edit your enrolled accounts, simply log in to Kentucky Farmers Bank Online Banking, select Statements and follow the instructions provided to manage your eStatement options.

Manage eStatement Access Preferences
If you are already enrolled in eStatement Access, you can change your primary email address and enroll additional accounts on the eStatement Access page. Simply log in to Kentucky Farmers Bank Online Banking, select Statements and follow the instructions provided to manage your eStatement Access options.
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How to Enroll

  • Log-in to Online Banking

    No account? Apply here.

  • Click on the e-Statements tab

    Allow pop-up's from cm.netteller.com

    You may need to click the e-Statements tab again after enabling pop-up's

  • Click Continue on the e-Statement window

  • Confirm email enrollment

    Open email from edocuments@kentuckyfarmersbank.com

    Download or save the Consent Agreement attachment

    Click "I Agree" on the final page of the attachment

    Allow pop-up's from kentuckyfarmersbank.edocumentaccess.com

  • Click Continue on the e-Statements window.

  • Return to Online Banking and click on the e-Statements tab again.

Statements will become available online according to your regular statement cycle date.

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Instructions for Using eStatements

  • What are eStatements?

    eStatement is a service that allows you to view your account statements as electronic images. As an eStatement user, you will have a personalized eStatement home page that allows you to access all the documents archived for you by Kentucky Farmers Bank.
  • How Can I Access My eStatements?

    You can access your eStatement home page and documents several ways.
    • Via Online Banking ? after logon, each online banking customer has an eStatements tab to access the eStatements home page. From here, customers may view each statement and the check images accompanying the statement.
    • By e-mail notification. You will receive an email each time a new statement is available.
  • What are the System Requirements?

    To access eStatements, you need either Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0 or higher, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.
  • I want to view statements from all of my accounts, but I only see one. How can I see more?

    Be certain to use the drop down in the center of the eStatements home page to select from your enrolled accounts. If an account is not shown, choose Account Settings from the User Preferences tab to enroll additional accounts.
  • How do I change my statement choice for an account?

    Logon to eStatements and from the User Preferences, choose Account Settings. From this page, you may elect eStatements for an account or select paper only for an account.
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