Kentucky Farmers Bank Repo's Listings:

For Sale!

The vehicles and properties below have been repossessed by KFB and are now for sale to the general public. All listings are sold As Is with no warranty. Please contact Dave Anderson for any further inquiries about a vehicle or Mike Bowling for any further inquiries about a property at:

 David Anderson Mike Bowling
 Loan Officer Loan Officer
 NMLS # 486506 NMLS # 414627
 Phone: 606.929.5020  Phone: 606.929.5023



2013 Ford F150 Crew Cab FX4 4X4                               $27,999.00

Miles: 91,035
Located in our Summit office parking lot.


2011 EZ Screening Plant 1200EX                                  $25,000.00

Videos of this machine running are availble for viewing on our Facebook page at