Person2Person Frequently Asked Questions    


P2P is a service that allows you to send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere. All they need is a bank account and all you need is a KFB debit or ATM card and the KFB mobile app! Start sending money across town or across the country with P2P payments!

If you have a question about our P2P service and don't see the answer here, call our Customer Solutions Department at (606) 929-5000!


Q: How does P2P work?
A: P2P allows customers to safely send money online using their debit/ATM card and their PIN. You can send money to anyone; your children in school, your babysitter, your lawn mowing service, and even your friends.
They can receive the money instantly if they use their KFB Debit/ATM Card or in the next few business days if they prefer to use their account number.
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Q: How do I send money via P2P?
A: To start using the service just follow these steps:

  • Log-in to our mobile app with your online banking credentials and tap the PeoplePay button on the left side menu.
  • Tap Add Debit Card and enter the card number you want to send money from and it’s expiration date. Tap Submit.
  • Return to the PeoplePay menu and tap Payment. Select the card you added, enter the amount you wish to send, enter the recipeints mobile # or email, and add a memo. Tap Submit.
  • A KFB-branded PIN pad appears with scrambled number. Enter your PIN here. The numbers are scrambled after each digit for security.

The transaction is processed like any other debit/ATM card transaction and debits your checking account immediately after adding the fee. The person you sent the money to will receive either an email or an SMS text letting them know you sent them money!

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Q: How do I receive money that has been sent to me via P2P?
A: When you receive the email or SMS text alerting you of your pending payment, follow the link that is provided. Then you may enter your KFB Debit/ATM card number to accept the payment or you may choose to receive the payment as an ACH and enter your account number with any bank. ACH payments will process in the following 1-3 business days while card payments process immediately.
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Q: Why Use P2P?
A: P2P is a faster, more secure solution for your person-to-person payment needs. Using real-time debit rails, P2P offers no waiting period to begin using the service and funds are transferred almost immediately. The service also utilizes PaySecure®, a patented, scrambling graphical PIN pad which ensures your transaction will be handled with extra security.
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Q: Will I need to apply for a new card or PIN or enroll in a service to send money?
A: No, you only need your existing debit/ATM card and PIN. Nothing else. There is no enrollment required. There are no downloads.
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Q: Do I need to register an account to use P2P?
A: No, there is no enrollment required to perform P2P transactions you only need your debit/ATM card, PIN, and mobile app. The recipient does not need an account with the same financial institution to receive their funds. There is an option to enroll for future transactions to make it easier to send or receive money and view transaction history.
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Q: Are funds removed immediately?
A: Yes, sending funds functions similar to a withdrawal from the ATM, allowing your recipient to receive their funds immediately.
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Q: When will the recipient receive the funds?
A: The timing depends on the recipient. If the recipient uses an eligible debit/ATM card the funds are immediately available. If the recipient uses ACH, the funds will be available in 1 – 3 days, depending on the recipient’s bank’s process.
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Q: What if my recipient does not receive their payment?
A: If the recipient does not claim the funds within 10 days, the funds are returned to your account.
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Q: Is there a cost to use P2P?
A: There is a $1.00 user fee applied only to the sending transaction. The recipient pays no fee and receives the full amount you choose during your send.
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Q: If I register will I receive text or spam messages?
A: The only text or email messages you will receive will relate to the sending or receiving of funds.
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Q: Will my personal information be shared with the recipient?
A: In order to process your transaction basic information that you provided regarding the transaction may be shared with the recipient. For more information about how your personal information will be used please review our Privacy Policy.
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Q: Why do you need my email address or mobile number?
A: Messages regarding your transaction(s) will be communicated via email or SMS text. For more information about how your personal information will be used please review our Privacy Policy.
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Q: Is this service available outside of the United States?
A: Currently the service is only available to eligible transaction accounts within the United States.
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Q: If my Financial Institution does not offer P2P can I still send money?
A: While any eligible transaction account can receive funds, only your financial institution can authorize you to send funds. If your financial institution is not compatible with P2P open an account with KFB and begin using P2P today! Visit any of our locations or view our account types to learn more!
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Q: How do I know P2P is secure?
A: The PIN is encrypted so that it never travels across payment channels as your actual, numerical PIN. Additionally, PaySecure requires PIN entry by mouse or touch screen; your PIN cannot be entered by typing the numbers on the keyboard. This security feature will help keep the transaction secure in case your computer is infected with viruses or malware that track keystrokes. For a demo, click here.
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Q: How do I know this not a phishing scheme?
A: The “PIN Pad” display after entering your debit card number. Text on the PIN Pad briefly explains how the graphical PIN pad works. The PIN Pad opens in front of the payment page which is “grayed out” in the background. There is no redirection to another site or “pop-up.” You’ll still be able to see your cardholder information behind the PIN Pad. The PIN Pad is branded with your KFB’s logo and the background matches your debit card. (Some customers may have slightly different card designs.) The last four digits of the card number will show on the PIN pad (preceded by 12 x’s). Your network logo is on the bottom right of the PIN pad (this matches the network logo on the back of your card.). The PaySecure logo is on the top right of the PIN pad.
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Q: What if I enter the wrong PIN?
A: You have two attempts to enter the PIN correctly.
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Q: What if I forget my username and password?
A: The username is based on the cardholder’s e-mail address. If the password is forgotten, go to the P2P website and select the “Forgot My Password” command. A new password will be sent to the registered e-mail address. You will be asked to change that password when signing in.
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Q: What if I send funds to the wrong number or email address?
A: Call your Customer Solutions Representative at 1-606-929-5000 to get this corrected.
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Q: What if I have any other issues or concerns?
A: Call Customer Solutions at 1-606-929-5000 for any issues or concerns related to P2P.
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