Brand Your Card!


How it Works?

Create a unique and personalized Debit or ATM card by sending your own image to our email address below.
Once we receive the image, we will resize it to fit your card and email back a proof for your approval prior to printing.

If your image does not meet the requirements, we will contact you to submit a new image.
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What are the Requirements?

  • Size: 2694 x 1692 Pixels (We can resize your image for you, just send us the largest/highest quality version of your image.)
  • Use images that are well lit and high quality. For resizing purposes, it is best to use large images with ample background space surrounding the main subject area.
  • NO copyrighted or trademarked material (if you did not take the image, it is likely copyrighted).
  • NO provocative, violent, or explicit material.
  • NO images of celebrities, public figures, flags, currency, or foreign languages.
*All images will be reviewed for compliance. We hold the right to decline any image we feel necessary.
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Is there a fee?

There is a $5.00 fee1 for customized cards that will be charged to your account once you've approved your custom proof for printing.

Replacement of an expiring or stolen/compromised card will be replaced with a standard image unless we are able to contact you for further direction.
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Create Your Card:

Send an email to with your custom image and the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • Phone #

We will reply with a proof of your custom card for approval!

Debit Card

Our Business Debit Card makes it convenient and simple to make purchases without the hassles of writing checks or carrying excess cash. Because it is a debit card, purchase amounts are deducted directly from your checking account.

  • In-house printing! No more ordering, get your debit card instantly at our Summit office
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Buy products and services anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Balance inquiries
  • Funds transfer
  • Detailed transactions listed on monthly statement
  • After hour deposits at some locations
  • No fees for transactions at KFB owned ATMĎs or Money Pass ATMís*
  • $1.00 transaction fee at non KFB owned or non Money Pass ATMís
  • $.50 transaction fee for balance inquiries at any non KFB owned ATM or Money Pass ATM

*Debit card transactions will apply to your account's monthly transaction limit.

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1 KFB reserves the right to charge $10.00 per custom card when necessary.