Debit and ATM Card FAQ's


What are my daily spending limits and why?

Debit cards are limited to $200 ATM withdrawals and $400 for other purchases in a 24-hour period. These limits are set in place to protect your account by limiting the amount of access a fraudster would have should they manage to access your card.

If you will need more than your daily limit allows, simply call Customer Solutions to have a temporary limit set just for you.
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Why should I tell KFB when I am traveling?

We have  24/7 fraud monitoring to protect you and your account from potential fraud losses. If we see transactions that are out of the ordinary for you, we will put a hold on your card until we are able to contact you and confirm or deny these suspicious transactions.
This means that if you will be traveling out of your usual spending area (vacation, work trips, etc) you should call us in advance so that we don't mistake your purchases for a fraudster's purchases.
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What if I forget my PIN?

You should never share or write down your PIN (Personal Identification Number) with anyone! Not even KFB keeps your PIN on file, this is for your protection. If you feel that someone may know your PIN just stop by any of our locations or ATM's to set a new PIN.
If you forget your PIN, visit any of our locations to set up a new one.
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What if I lose my card?

If you lose your card, report is missing as soon as possible by:
  • During business hours: Call Customers Solutions  to put a temporary hold on your card while you look for it, or to set up getting a new card to replace it.
  • After business hours: Call our automated system at (606) 929-5000. Option 7 will assist you in disabling your card.
  • Online: Log into your online banking account and disable your card by clicking Options > ATM/Debit Card and following the remaining steps on your screen.
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What if I receive a Text/Email/Call from the Fraud Center?

We offer a free 24/7 Fraud Monitoring service to all of our Debit Card customers. When we see a transaction that is irregular for your account or suspected to be fraudulent, we will email you to confirm or deny this transaction.
If no reply is received within 1 minute, a text message will be sent instead.
If no text response is received within 5 minutes, voice calls will begin.

If a transaction is confirmed as fraudulent, a block will be placed on your card and a representative will contact you during normal hours to get a new card issued to you.
If a transaction is confirmed as non-fraud, your card will continue working as usual.

If no response is ever received, a temporary block will be placed on the card until the suspicious transactions can be confirmed or denied.  

Texts are delivered from 7a-9p local time of the cardholder - Voice Calls are made from 8a-9p local time of the cardholder.
Each cardholder is automatically enrolled in our text notification service. You may opt our at any time by replying STOP.
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A letter from our Chief Information Officer:


Dear Customer,

Kentucky Farmers Bank is committed to being your financial partner. By now, most of you are aware of the numerous debit card breaches that occur throughout the country. The vast majority of these breaches occur at network processors. Basically, a consumer uses his/her card at a merchant. The merchant captures the card information and sends it securely to a network processor, who then sends it along to the cardholder’s financial institution.

Since these network processors handle card transactions from thousands of cards, they are prime targets for fraudsters. They find a hole in the security of one of these processors. Once they have the information, they can create replicas of the cards. They change the name printed on the card, but the fraudulent transactions post to the original cardholder’s account.

Through various security monitoring measures, MasterCard eventually becomes aware of these processor breaches. At that point, they alert the financial institution. The financial institution receives a list of the compromised card numbers and then can reissue cards.

Kentucky Farmers Bank has been developing systems that help deter fraud that go above and beyond what MasterCard requires. We have identified several “high risk” states in which fraudsters use the compromised cards. We have begun to block transactions from those states.

Some transactions from these states will be blocked unless you let us know that you are expecting them. All PIN transactions will be allowed to go through. Only swiped card transactions over $74.00 will be blocked. That also means that Internet transactions will be allowed to go through.

If you use your card out of the West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky area, please ask the merchant to run the transaction as a debit and not a credit transaction. Exceptions to these blocks may be considered on a case by case basis. If you are going out of town or have any questions, please call into our Customer Solutions department (606) 929-5000.

We would like to thank you for being our financial partner and working with us to deter fraud and protect your accounts. We apologize for any inconvenience that this process causes.

Steve Meek

Chief Information Officer/Operations Manager